Still don’t know what to paint? Gaze at these best paintings ever. You will see different styles and inspirations. By simply looking at them, you will want to get your brushes and start painting.

the scream paintin

The Scream

Created by Norwegian Expressionist, Edward Munch. Look at the painting closely, it doesn’t seem special but in art appreciator’s eyes, it worth millions of dollars. He Edward Munch was inspired by a nerve wracking experience while walking with friends.

whistler's mother painting

Whistler’s Mother

Have you ever thought of painting your mother? James McNeil Whistler did. He didn’t care whether the public would even care about this painting. He just painted the very important person in his life, and he made history.

the kiss paintng

The Kiss

The kiss by Gustav Klimt created some controversy during his days which made his paintings even more famous. Controversy is good for most painters because it opens new doors of opportunity and a path way to stardom. Don’t be afraid to take on any subject even you know you might be criticized for it.

watson and the shark painting

Watson and the Shark

Watson and the Shark is based on true events. The painting was created by John Singleton Copley. Tragedy and horror resembles the painting but what truly inspired John Singleton Copley is how a cabin boy lose a leg but became the Lord Mayor of London.

the gross clinic painting

The Gross Clinic

The Gross Clinic reminds us of the old medical world practices. Thomas Eakins, the painter, witnessed this event himself. He was compelled by the emotion in the clinic and the patient’s suffering. He later on painted The Agnew Clinic which shows the better and brighter side of medical practices. Go ahead and paint anything you see. Just paint and create history just like Mr. Eakins did.