Popularity of Giveaways

To say that CS:GO is popular is an understatement. The fame attached to it caused skins and knives to exceedingly grow too.

They became tremendously in-demand after the Arms Deal update was released in August of 2013. This update added skins for gamers to obtain and utilize on their weapons. Because of this well-liked update, as well as the Steam platform’s act to allow people to trade and bet their skins, a lot of new players picked up the popular multiplayer first-person shooter game.

Today, rare knives and skins are all the rage, which led to tons and tons of giveaways.

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Most giveaways only demand you to log-in to a site and enter a free game like a raffle or jackpot or something else similar to those. Other giveaways, however, require you to do something else so you can participate. The sites that require you to do some work usually waste a lot of your time. They lure you into doing something that’ll benefit them and then the giveaway they offer isn’t even worth it. But the same thing cannot be said with the site that CSGO Totem has for you.


The type of giveaway games the site has for you is absolutely easy to participate in. The site won’t require you do things that are time-consuming. Plus, the possibility that you’ll win is high!

A Tip to Remember

giveaway-skinIt’s also ideal to participate in sites that have low participation because that means you’ll have more chances of winning since the number of people involved are minimal. However, to avoid scammers, make sure the site looks legit, the reviews about it are good, and the site is secure and stable. Honestly, there’s no better way to be sure than to participate only in the sites that CSGO Totem recommends.


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