Active happy family having fun in the pool, spending time together in aquapark, summer holidays, joy and pleasure concept

Does being surrounded by water excite you, comfort you, or relax you? Swimming is widely known to be an excellent physical and mental workout that could improve one’s overall health. It has been proven to strengthen the lungs, the heart, the muscles, and even the mind. It could be a low-impact exercise, making it ideal for the young and old.

An Excellent Summer Activity

According to, swimming is a perfect summer activity for the whole family. And that’s actually true! Because a family composed of different ages can enjoy swimming and the activities or games that can be done in the pool.

Active happy family having fun in the pool, spending time together in aquapark, summer holidays, joy and pleasure concept

The family can enjoy different games related to swimming as well. Here are some of the activities:

  • Submarine Races (a.k.a. Mermaid Races or Dolphin Races) – Whatever you call it, this game is known by all. It’s when all of the participants hold their breath and go underwater. The first one to surface is the loser, and the last one is the winner.
  • Scavenger Hunt – There will be a collection of items thrown in the pool in pairs (for instance, two balls, two coins, two plushies, and two pool rings). The two teams will then try to collect one of every item. The first team to collect all of the items wins.
  • Popsicle – This is another version of tag. It’s freeze tag. When a player is tagged, he/she must stand straight with his/her hands above the head, just like a popsicle. When a participant is underwater, the “it” can’t tag them, but the player underwater can swim past a popsicle to unfreeze them. The key is to swim for longer so that the “it” can’t tag you. Once again, this is an excellent game that encourages frequent swimming.

Clearly, swimming is an art that allows people to express themselves and be happy with their family.

Swim Strokes

Now, this article won’t be about the art of swimming if it doesn’t include the common swim strokes. Here they are:

  • Freestyle – The swimmer swims straight on the stomach by kicking his/her legs and rotating the arms over his/her head.
  • Butterfly – This is one of the most difficult strokes to learn and master. It’s broken down into three parts: the pull, the push, and the recovery. The arm movement begins similarly to the breaststroke. The hands first sink a bit down with the palms of the swimmer facing outwards and a little down at shoulder width; then the hands move out to create a “Y” body shape.
  • Breaststroke – The swimmer starts in a prayer position with palms together and thumbs up. The swimmer then pushes his/her arms forward and away from the body. As he/she stretches his/her arms straight, the hands will be released, and the palms will be turned out. Then, the arms will be pushed to the sides and back up again to his/her chest in the starting prayer position.
  • Backstroke – This easy-to-learn stroke has the same movements as the freestyle. The only distinction is that the swimmer is on his/her back.

Pool Cleaning

Battery-Powered,_Handheld_Extented_Use_Swimming_Pool_VacuumsThe art of swimming also involves the art of pool cleaning. It’s a sad reality if you don’t have an automatic pool cleaner to help you with the cleanup. But if you own one, this part won’t be difficult at all since your robotic pool cleaner can remove the debris from your pool and clean your pool’s floor, walls, and stairs efficiently.