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Can Art Really Guess Your Feelings?

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of painting are you? Your mind determines what painting style suites you. Art has amazing ways to release us from prisons created by our own self. Is your mind cloudy? Then try abstract painting. Paint something dark and you’ll feel that the darkness of your soul becomes transferred to the canvas.

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. – Plutarch

The Colors and Your Mood

We believe that colors affects your mood. Your eyes bring signals to your brain what to associate to every colors you see on a painting. Observe yourself, when you feel happy, you wanted to wear bright stunning colors but when you want to be taken seriously, you wear black.

Paintings Can Describe What You Believe In

You can try to take online quizzes and they will guess what type of person are you based on the paintings you patronize. We have tried them and so far, they were accurate. Picasso is known for painting out of this world masterpieces. Because the world doesn’t make sense to him, so it translates to his paintings.

The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do? _ Pablo Picasso

Art Shows Your Growth as A Person

When you are still a cute kid, you like cartoons. You draw a lot and create colorful characters any chance you get. But when you grow up, notice that your tastes changed. According to experts, the maturity of a person changes his/her perception of the world. As a result, you appreciate arts for mature people.

Every Line Holds Meaning

You’ll be surprised on what a line could mean. For example, vertical line shows positivity, stability, and strength while horizontal line shows death, peace, and calmness. It takes a deep interpretation to review someone’s painting and lines can help you determine what the person feels at the time of painting the picture.

Your Addiction to a Type of Art Can Convey What You are Longing for

Let me share my experience. There was a time that I was obsessed with eye drawings. I don’t know what caused this obsession. I reflect on this and here’s what I realized: I was a point in my life that I wanted to change. I want to see a different life for myself. My addiction to eye drawings simply conveys my  longing for a purpose, a vision that will guide me on how I live my life.

Art is a great way to unleash your demons within. It wants you to totally express yourself beyond limits. That’s the only time you truly feel the presence of freedom in your life.

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Inspiring Yourself Even More


When it comes to art, nothing beats a person who’s inspired.

You see, a person doesn’t only come up with an idea on his own. You also see, a person doesn’t only come up with a reality on his own. You even see, a person doesn’t only come up with a masterpiece on his own.

A person’s idea comes from the fact that something has caught his eye. A person’s reality comes from the fact that someone has gained his attention. A person’s masterpiece comes from the fact his creativeness has been awakened – and calling it just that will become an understatement, even.

Thus, it’s only natural for you to inspire yourself even more.


Here are some ways:

Read a book.

This may seem boring, especially for those who aren’t into reading; but it can make all the difference when you’re looking to inspire yourself even more. You see, art is another form of telling stories. Why not begin with reading stories? You will not just be able to get some ideas for your initial stage of creating a masterpiece from those beautiful phrases coming from those books you’ve just read, but also get some inspirations for your final stage of creating a masterpiece from those wonderful paragraphs coming from those books you’ve just read.

Watch a movie.

Those feels you can get from romantic comedy film? You’ll be able to use it to create a masterpiece with love and fun or unrequited love and sacrifice as a theme. Those feels you can get from family drama movies? You’ll be able to use it to create a masterpiece with family and hope or friendship and loyalty. Movies, after all, make us see things that we never thought were possible for us to see and experience things that we also never thought were impossible for us to experience – just like artworks that we never thought were possible for us to appreciate.

Looking for more stories, as well as feels, to inspire yourself even more? Check out this saddest boy ever update.

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