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Can Art Really Guess Your Feelings?

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of painting are you? Your mind determines what painting style suites you. Art has amazing ways to release us from prisons created by our own self. Is your mind cloudy? Then try abstract painting. Paint something dark and you’ll feel that the darkness of your soul becomes transferred to the canvas.

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. – Plutarch

The Colors and Your Mood

We believe that colors affects your mood. Your eyes bring signals to your brain what to associate to every colors you see on a painting. Observe yourself, when you feel happy, you wanted to wear bright stunning colors but when you want to be taken seriously, you wear black.

Paintings Can Describe What You Believe In

You can try to take online quizzes and they will guess what type of person are you based on the paintings you patronize. We have tried them and so far, they were accurate. Picasso is known for painting out of this world masterpieces. Because the world doesn’t make sense to him, so it translates to his paintings.

The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do? _ Pablo Picasso

Art Shows Your Growth as A Person

When you are still a cute kid, you like cartoons. You draw a lot and create colorful characters any chance you get. But when you grow up, notice that your tastes changed. According to experts, the maturity of a person changes his/her perception of the world. As a result, you appreciate arts for mature people.

Every Line Holds Meaning

You’ll be surprised on what a line could mean. For example, vertical line shows positivity, stability, and strength while horizontal line shows death, peace, and calmness. It takes a deep interpretation to review someone’s painting and lines can help you determine what the person feels at the time of painting the picture.

Your Addiction to a Type of Art Can Convey What You are Longing for

Let me share my experience. There was a time that I was obsessed with eye drawings. I don’t know what caused this obsession. I reflect on this and here’s what I realized: I was a point in my life that I wanted to change. I want to see a different life for myself. My addiction to eye drawings simply conveys my  longing for a purpose, a vision that will guide me on how I live my life.

Art is a great way to unleash your demons within. It wants you to totally express yourself beyond limits. That’s the only time you truly feel the presence of freedom in your life.

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Active happy family having fun in the pool, spending time together in aquapark, summer holidays, joy and pleasure concept

The Art of Swimming

Does being surrounded by water excite you, comfort you, or relax you? Swimming is widely known to be an excellent physical and mental workout that could improve one’s overall health. It has been proven to strengthen the lungs, the heart, the muscles, and even the mind. It could be a low-impact exercise, making it ideal for the young and old.

An Excellent Summer Activity

According to, swimming is a perfect summer activity for the whole family. And that’s actually true! Because a family composed of different ages can enjoy swimming and the activities or games that can be done in the pool.

Active happy family having fun in the pool, spending time together in aquapark, summer holidays, joy and pleasure concept

The family can enjoy different games related to swimming as well. Here are some of the activities:

  • Submarine Races (a.k.a. Mermaid Races or Dolphin Races) – Whatever you call it, this game is known by all. It’s when all of the participants hold their breath and go underwater. The first one to surface is the loser, and the last one is the winner.
  • Scavenger Hunt – There will be a collection of items thrown in the pool in pairs (for instance, two balls, two coins, two plushies, and two pool rings). The two teams will then try to collect one of every item. The first team to collect all of the items wins.
  • Popsicle – This is another version of tag. It’s freeze tag. When a player is tagged, he/she must stand straight with his/her hands above the head, just like a popsicle. When a participant is underwater, the “it” can’t tag them, but the player underwater can swim past a popsicle to unfreeze them. The key is to swim for longer so that the “it” can’t tag you. Once again, this is an excellent game that encourages frequent swimming.

Clearly, swimming is an art that allows people to express themselves and be happy with their family.

Swim Strokes

Now, this article won’t be about the art of swimming if it doesn’t include the common swim strokes. Here they are:

  • Freestyle – The swimmer swims straight on the stomach by kicking his/her legs and rotating the arms over his/her head.
  • Butterfly – This is one of the most difficult strokes to learn and master. It’s broken down into three parts: the pull, the push, and the recovery. The arm movement begins similarly to the breaststroke. The hands first sink a bit down with the palms of the swimmer facing outwards and a little down at shoulder width; then the hands move out to create a “Y” body shape.
  • Breaststroke – The swimmer starts in a prayer position with palms together and thumbs up. The swimmer then pushes his/her arms forward and away from the body. As he/she stretches his/her arms straight, the hands will be released, and the palms will be turned out. Then, the arms will be pushed to the sides and back up again to his/her chest in the starting prayer position.
  • Backstroke – This easy-to-learn stroke has the same movements as the freestyle. The only distinction is that the swimmer is on his/her back.

Pool Cleaning

Battery-Powered,_Handheld_Extented_Use_Swimming_Pool_VacuumsThe art of swimming also involves the art of pool cleaning. It’s a sad reality if you don’t have an automatic pool cleaner to help you with the cleanup. But if you own one, this part won’t be difficult at all since your robotic pool cleaner can remove the debris from your pool and clean your pool’s floor, walls, and stairs efficiently.

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Reciprocating Saw and Art

DEWALT-DWE304A reciprocating saw is an electric saw used for various DIY and home improvement projects. It’s also known as the Sawzall, and a saber saw. It’s an all-around tool that can take the place of other saws in a project, which is why it’s a must-have for any creative artist.

This saw cuts using a push and pull motion of the blade and is also used to reach narrow spaces where other saws can’t reach.

Saw Blades

By changing the blade, you can do the following:

A fine-toothed blade is sharp enough to cut through nails and metal pipes if you have art projects that require you to deal with heavy tubes.

A coarse blade, on the other hand, is best for cutting wood. So, if you’re planning on making a wooden table for your library or a wooden shelf for your books, this is the blade for you.

Some blades that are toothless are coated with tungsten carbide abrasive grit and must be used when cutting ceramic tile, stone, and cast iron. If you have a reciprocating saw, then you can now make mosaic tiles with ease!

The Art Advantage

What makes this saw a must-have for an artist is its flexibility. It can do a lot of things for you, and you won’t have to change saws, which can save a lot of time. With a reciprocating saw, you can do a lot of PVC pipe DIY projects, like a PVC shoe storage.


After practicing a lot, you can even cut tiles perfectly for your huge tile mosaic projects, whether you’re aiming for an abstract concept or not.

In addition, you can use this saw to cut pins and nails that are difficult to move. This benefit is essential when you’re trying to do a makeover of an old cabinet or perhaps an old study table. If you can’t pull the nail out, then just cut the head using a reciprocating saw and be done with it!

You’ll also find this tool useful when woodworking because it can cut tree branches quickly as if it was only made to do so. This gives you a lot of creative power to create stuff with branches.


The reciprocating saw can cut almost anything—even some metals. It’s no wonder this thing is deemed as an all-in-one handyman tool. With it, your artistic side will ever be happy and will always look forward to another day of creating.

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Strike Gold with Counter Strike!


Popularity of Giveaways

To say that CS:GO is popular is an understatement. The fame attached to it caused skins and knives to exceedingly grow too.

They became tremendously in-demand after the Arms Deal update was released in August of 2013. This update added skins for gamers to obtain and utilize on their weapons. Because of this well-liked update, as well as the Steam platform’s act to allow people to trade and bet their skins, a lot of new players picked up the popular multiplayer first-person shooter game.

Today, rare knives and skins are all the rage, which led to tons and tons of giveaways.

Win something new today when you visit CSGO Totem!


Most giveaways only demand you to log-in to a site and enter a free game like a raffle or jackpot or something else similar to those. Other giveaways, however, require you to do something else so you can participate. The sites that require you to do some work usually waste a lot of your time. They lure you into doing something that’ll benefit them and then the giveaway they offer isn’t even worth it. But the same thing cannot be said with the site that CSGO Totem has for you.


The type of giveaway games the site has for you is absolutely easy to participate in. The site won’t require you do things that are time-consuming. Plus, the possibility that you’ll win is high!

A Tip to Remember

giveaway-skinIt’s also ideal to participate in sites that have low participation because that means you’ll have more chances of winning since the number of people involved are minimal. However, to avoid scammers, make sure the site looks legit, the reviews about it are good, and the site is secure and stable. Honestly, there’s no better way to be sure than to participate only in the sites that CSGO Totem recommends.


Read more about CS:GO here

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The Art Of Drinking Water


Let’s face it. Health, especially our mental health, has never been this important before. This especially goes for those who constantly find themselves under the heat of their already hectic work schedules – where one doesn’t just become tired that easily after just a few hours of making reports, but also prone to crucial distractions that might come with this kind of lifestyle.

And let’s also face it. Fitness, especially our physical fitness, has never been this important before. This even goes for those who constantly find themselves under the pressure of their already frantic home schedules – where one doesn’t just become pained that easily after just a few minutes of doing chores, but also prone to critical diseases that might come with this kind of lifestyle.

Now, here’s where the art of drinking water comes in…

You see and contrary to what some people may think about drinking water, it’s not just great for when you’re thirsty and you need to quench it. It’s also great for keeping yourself mentally healthy, thanks to water’s natural and rather artsy take on some of the world’s best anti-inflammatory properties – further helping you fight off crucial distractions from coming your way and wreaking havoc on your work, all the while boosting your energy like no other.

Because indeed and especially with reverse osmosis, water proves to be more than a thirst quencher. It’s also an energy booster and critical diseases fighter like no other – further making you healthier from the inside more than usual.

Now, here’s where the art of drinking water also comes in…

You also see and contrary to what other people may think about drinking water, it’s not just great for when you’re hungry and you need to satisfy it. It’s also great for keeping yourself physically fit, thanks to water’s natural and rather artsy take on other of the world’s best antioxidant properties – further helping you fight off critical diseases from coming your way and wreaking havoc in your home, all the while boosting your immunity like never before.

And because indeed and even with what’s mentioned above, water proves to be more than a hunger satisfier. It’s also an immunity booster and crucial distractions fighter like never before – further making you fitter from the outside more than usual.

How about you?

How do you think about art in general? How do feel about drinking water in general? Or better yet, how do you see reverse osmosis in general? And best yet, how do you experience reverse osmosis in general?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Inspiring Yourself Even More


When it comes to art, nothing beats a person who’s inspired.

You see, a person doesn’t only come up with an idea on his own. You also see, a person doesn’t only come up with a reality on his own. You even see, a person doesn’t only come up with a masterpiece on his own.

A person’s idea comes from the fact that something has caught his eye. A person’s reality comes from the fact that someone has gained his attention. A person’s masterpiece comes from the fact his creativeness has been awakened – and calling it just that will become an understatement, even.

Thus, it’s only natural for you to inspire yourself even more.


Here are some ways:

Read a book.

This may seem boring, especially for those who aren’t into reading; but it can make all the difference when you’re looking to inspire yourself even more. You see, art is another form of telling stories. Why not begin with reading stories? You will not just be able to get some ideas for your initial stage of creating a masterpiece from those beautiful phrases coming from those books you’ve just read, but also get some inspirations for your final stage of creating a masterpiece from those wonderful paragraphs coming from those books you’ve just read.

Watch a movie.

Those feels you can get from romantic comedy film? You’ll be able to use it to create a masterpiece with love and fun or unrequited love and sacrifice as a theme. Those feels you can get from family drama movies? You’ll be able to use it to create a masterpiece with family and hope or friendship and loyalty. Movies, after all, make us see things that we never thought were possible for us to see and experience things that we also never thought were impossible for us to experience – just like artworks that we never thought were possible for us to appreciate.

Looking for more stories, as well as feels, to inspire yourself even more? Check out this saddest boy ever update.

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